5'W x 6' 7"T Mason Scaffold Frame (1��"  Ø)

5'W x 6' 7"T Mason Scaffold Frame (1��" Ø)

SKU: 110456W
Description: 5'W x 6' 7"T W-Style Mason Frame
Weight: 46.0 lbs.
Product code: 110456W
Outside Diameter: 1.625"
Wall Thickness: 0.090"
Lock: Candy Cane/Speed Lock
1st Lock: 7" from top of frame leg
Lock Span: 4' (uses a 7' x 4', 8' x 4'; or 10' x 4' Cross Brace)
Coupling Pin Hole: Drilled at 90� angle
Coupling Pin Hole Location: 2�" from the top of the frame leg.
The end of each rung is coped to ensure a full-circumference weld, which maximizes the strength of the frame.
Interior Rungs are 1�"  for increased strength; most competitors use 1"  tubing.
Red powder coating prevents rust and minor scratches.
Robotic seam welds on frame leg are turned to inside, so each coped rung encompasses the seam weld, adding to its strength!
Exceeds OSHA & ANSI testing requirements!